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2021 Roger Tingles Ride


Roger Tingle invited the members of the Kentucky Mule Skinners and the Community Draft Horse and Mule Association to his farm near Chaplin, Kentucky for a weekend of camping and wagon riding on June 26-27, 2021. Roger's farm is only a couple of miles from Taylorsville Lake. It was a hot, dry weekend with temperatures reaching into the lower 90's (F) both days. As seems to be common anymore, we only had 3 wagons on Saturday and 2 on Sunday along with a few horseback riders with us each day. On Saturday, we rode about 25 miles on the roads of Anderson and Nelson counties and we rode about 15 miles on Sunday. Although it was hot, there was a nice breeze blowing most of the time and we didn't have any problems from the heat. We took plenty of breaks to rest the horses and mules along the way. At one point, a few of the youngsters went for a swim while we watered the animals.



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