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2022 Taylors June Ride


Dennis and Edna Taylor held their traditional June wagon ride near Branchville, Indiana over the 2nd weekend in June this year. As has become standard practice for rides in the Southern Indiana Draft Horse and Mule Association, we rode on Friday and Saturday with everyone heading back home early on Sunday morning. Several members arrived on Thursday afternoon and there were 6 wagons and buggies that rode on Friday. There were a whopping 12 wagons on Saturday as we were joined by several members who weren't able to get there early enough to ride on Friday. (Some of them may have actually had to work.) This is the largest group of wagons we have had at one of these events in the last few years. Edna provided us with great food all three nights and as always, no one went home hungry from this weekend. There were a few showers early in the day on Friday, but the temperatures were in the 70's and the rain was both light and intermittent, so it didn't really have any impact. By the time we returned to camp Friday afternoon, the rain had ended and the rest of the weekend was perfect! There was a campfire each evening and this (along with some adult malt beverages) led to lots of laughter and a few lies being told to the enjoyment of everyone. On both Thursday and Saturday evenings, we were joined by 88 year old member Bob Pfeifer and his wife Janelle. Bob's health might not let him ride very often any more, but he still enjoys the fellowship that comes from getting together with his horse friends. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say a big THANK YOU to Dennis and Edna for making this another memorable weekend and to their friend Mick for letting us use his place to hold this event again this year!



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2022 Taylor's June Ride ...

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