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2022 Southern Indiana

Draft Horse and Mule Association

Fall Wagon Ride


Each year in the Fall, the members of the Southern Indiana Draft Horse and Mule Association get together for a 10 day wagon ride. In the past this involved moving camp daily as the group traveled around southern Indiana and northern Kentucky. Over the past couple of years, the group has decided to set up camp somewhere and ride their wagons in that area for a few days before moving on to another area rather than moving camp every day. This makes for a much less hectic, more relaxing week. Responsibility for the evening meal each day was shared amoung the members with one member taking each day of the week. This year the group spent their first 3 days at the camp of the late Danny "Rabbit" Sommer, a long time member and officer of the club. His family has named the camp The Rabbit Hole in his memory. This part of Perry County is right on the Ohio River and is full of hills and national forest lands. On Tuesday, we rested the animals and moved the camp about 20 miles to Bristow, Indiana at the other end of Perry County. This area is less hilly and primarily rural with lots of gravel roads. We had cool, dry and sunny weather the entire week with the first few frosty mornings of the season. We averaged 5 to 7 wagons each day and had plenty of visitors who visited the camp or filled the wagons. During the week, we had a few minor mishaps, but no people or animals were serioulsly hurt and no equipment was damaged. By Saturday, everyone was tired or had other things to do, so our Friday ride was our final day of riding. Overall, it was a really great week. Congratulations go out to the planners and all of the members for making this such a fun adventure.



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Friday-Monday at The Rabbit Hole

Tuesday-Friday at Bristow

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