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2023 Eddie Mills Ride


Over the 2023 Labor Day weekend, Eddie and Carol Mills sponsored a wagon ride for the members of the Southern Indiana Draft Horse and Mule Association. They held the event at the Southern Indiana Horseman's Club just a few miles north of Tell City, Indiana. There were 6 wagons that rode on Saturday and 4 wagons on Sunday. All of the wagons were drawn by teams of mules. The high temperatures each day reached around 90 degrees, but a nice breeze prevented it from getting overbearing. We rode around 15 miles each day and nobody's mules got too hot although one of Mike King's mules got a little lame near the end of the Sunday ride. As usual with this group, there was enough good food, adult beverages and camaraderie to make it a great weekend. Thanks Eddie and Carol.



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2023 Eddie Mills Ride ...


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