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Creating memories, one click at a time. Sharing them online for many years.
Our photos act as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.

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Click on the thumbnail from any of the events listed below to see more photos from that event!

2019 US Plowing Contest


2019 Ky Muleskinners Wagon Train


2019 SIDHMA Wagon Ride


2019 Mink's Wagon Ride


2019 Waldridge August Ride


2019 Rader-Crawford Ride


2019 Eastern Ky Farm Pull


2019 Bev Merrills June Wagon Ride


2019 Waldridge-Centers June Ride


2019 Taylors June Ride


2019 Willoughby's Spring Ride


2019 Danny Sommers Memorial Ride


2019 Woosleys Derby Day Ride




2019 Columbia Mule Day Activities


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